”When multiple talents mixed and harmonized within an evolving process of education, knowledge, cultures and experiences. Therefore, you can make something different; side by side through the discovery journey to the depth of our desires, to the reflections of our needs, there and only there you can complete the mission to prove a unique existence.”


”To become someone different, and something different, I have dedicated 2 to 4 hours everyday for my self-development and since 2005.

Yes, everyday!
Therefore, It’s about 18.000 Hour!
Until this year 2021.

I was and still building my comprehensive strength and power…
I worked hard to build/have spiritual strength, free spirit and will, kind heart, intelligent mind, open-minded mentality, mastering new professions that have roots within me and my multiple talents with highly developed skills,
And I taught myself how to be gentle and classy, with selfless efforts, and to gain a very deep long life experience, with patience & wisdom, modesty, dignity, and to have an encyclopedic knowledge, along with physical strength and athletic body.”

• Polymath.
• Master Designer • Artist • Innovator •

• Founder & CEO.

  • Interior Designer.
  • Furniture Designer.
  • Jewelry Designer.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Calligraphy Artist.
  • Typography Designer.
  • Poet / Creative Writer.



• IT

– Extraordinary Platform – New advanced generation of internet usage.

• Computers

– Extraordinary Workstation (New definition of all-in-one).

• Smartphones

– Additional multi-complementary sensors for extra UI features.

• Medical Devices

– Smart Complementary Device & UI/UX (Aesthetic Medicine).

– New Device and Technology for Orthodontics.

• Safety

– Flying vessels | New multi-complementary safety (Airplanes, Helicopters, etc.).

– Sailing vessels | Multi-complementary safety (Ships, boats, etc.).

– Road vehicles | Multi-complementary safety.

• Interior Design

– Bath & Shower | Luxuries Tech. responsive convertible unit.

– Smart Bedroom | Luxuries convertible space-saving unit.


• ALOMAR-Design

– More than 100 | Branding, Identity, Digital and Strategy work…

– More than 80 | Arabic Calligraphy Design.

– More than 100 | Creative Calligraphy/Typography Tableau.

– Tens of Logos | Calligraphy/Typography.

– Tens of Posters | Humanitarian Cases.

– Tens of | Interior Design projects.

SEBA (Luxurious Furniture)

– More than 50 Furniture Design.

• Home of Names (Jewelry)

– More than 200 Jewelry Design.


• ALOMAR-Reflections

Philosophical Poetic Creations (English): – (UNFINISHED BOOKS)

1. Exit of Life.

2. Entrance of Love.

3. Once Upon a Time – With Her.

4. Several Poetic Chapters:

4.1. Hysterical Scribbles,

4.2. Don’t Love,

4.3. What if?

4.4. Out of the Circle.

4.5. Your Love!

5. Several Creative Slogans for Overseas Companies.


…Continued with Evolution