ALOMAR-DESIGN LTD. is a Miscellaneous Design, Art & Innovation Company with several creative specialties; operating globally (Brussels & London). With an extensive & intensive professional experiences since 2003…

We are an international firm which cooperate with professionals and specialists in wide range of sectors, and we are open to cooperate and participate in various activities with companies and/or individuals.

  • Architects.
  • Architecture Assistants.
  • Civil Engineers.
  • Interior Design Assistants.
  • Products Designers.
  • Project Managers.
  • 3Ds Modelers.
  • Technical Designers.
  • Graphic Designers.
  • Art Directors.
  • Marketing Managers.
  • Film and Video Specialists.
  • Photographers.
  • Animators.
  • Motion Designers.
  • Marketing Managers.
  • Film and Video Specialists.
  • Photographers.
  • Copy & Technical Writers.
  • Web Designers.
  • Web Developers.
  • Software Engineers.
  • Feras ALOMAR
    • Polymath.
    • Master Designer • Artist • Innovator •

    • Founder & CEO.
  • Interior Designer.
  • Furniture Designer.
  • Jewelry Designer.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Calligraphy Artist.
  • Typography Designer.
  • Poet / Creative Writer.


We hear-out all about client’s vision, goals, needs and purpose.


Backstage whereas hurricane hits the most, we are creating however necessary to build a solid folder.


Starting from first meeting, we are determined to set-up several meetings with our client to brief, discuss and note all editable details.


It is when everything reached its own perfection and uniqueness; whereas we hear (Good Job) and we thumb-up back!


We tend to case-study projects, each by its own value, time consuming process and whatever required by its owner.